International Society for Chinese Medicine SMS

The SMS – Societas Medicinae Sinensis is an international expert association, with its headquarters in Munich, for the promotion of Chinese Medicine.

The Executive Board

The executive board of the SMS is made up of specialists in the field of Chinese Medicine. Their enthusiasm and experience go into the management of a society that has now been providing training of the highest standard to medical practitioners, therapists and interested supporters for almost 40 years. It is our objective to ...

  • research, develop and apply the knowledge and traditions of Chinese Medicine
  • teach Traditional Chinese Medicine comprehensively and adhere as closely as possible to its original doctrine
  • extend its use.
Pictured here from l. to r.: Dr. med. Marc Scheuermann (Stuttgart), Dr. med. Josef Hummelsberger (Munich), Dr. phil. Ute Engelhardt (Munich), Dr. med. Rainer Nögel (Munich), Dr. med. Klaus Hambrecht (Frankfurt/Main), Dr. med. Anke Iptchiler (Lüneburg), Dr. med. Michael Wullinger (Rosenheim)

The current executive members are:

  • President and Head of the Medical Training School: Dr. Rainer Nögel, Munich
  • Vice-president and Head of the Open School: Dr. Ute Engelhardt, Munich
  • Vice-president: Dr. Josef Hummelsberger, Munich
  • Secretary: Dr. Klaus Hambrecht, Frankfurt
  • Secretary and Local Head of the Organisation in Hamburg: Dr. Anke Iptchiler, Lüneburg
  • Treasurer: Dr. Michael Wullinger, Rosenheim
  • Deputy Treasurer: Dr. Marc Scheuermann, Stuttgart
Internationale Gesellschaft für
Chinesische Medizin e. V.

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