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The SMS – Societas Medicinae Sinensis (International Society for Chinese Medicine) is an international expert association, with its headquarters in Munich, for the promotion of Chinese Medicine. The SMS was founded in 1978 by Prof. Manfred Porkert and is dedicated to teaching the knowledge and traditions of Chinese Medicine in the pursuit of general human health and well-being. It regards this system of traditional medicine as a unique empirical science about the nature of human beings.


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Over the last 40 years the SMS has been providing professional training in all the disciplines of Chinese Medicine:

  • pharmacotherapy
  • acupuncture
  • dietetics – nutritional therapy
  • taiji & qigong – movement therapies
  • tuina – manual therapy.


In addition, it offers training in diagnostics and physiology. The SMS professional training programme sets and maintains particularly high standards and is the most comprehensive of its kind in the German-speaking world.

The significance of the SMS in medical and political terms is further underpinned by the publication of important standard works of medical literature and the renowned medical journal Chinesische Medizin. It is distinguished by a close collaboration between medical practitioners and Sinologists.


From its very inception the SMS has been involved in important scientific studies in the fields of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Germany. The reputation of the SMS is reflected in many national and international liaisons.


In 2013 Prof. Carl-Hermann Hempen, the President of the SMS for many years, established the first Master’s degree course in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the renowned Technical University in Munich. Here a close collaboration is maintained with the SMS as much of the training content is shared and many of the lecturers are involved in both programmes.

Every three years the SMS hosts an international congress with the title “Chinese Medicine in everyday clinical practice – principles, applications and science.” The congress focuses primarily on practical applications of Chinese Medicine and invites reputed speakers to share the knowledge they have gained in extensive clinical experience in talks and workshops with practitioners. In addition to facilitating this transfer of knowledge, the congress also provides the opportunity for lively discussion and personal interaction.

Courses & Trainings

SMS Courses and Training Programs


  • Since 1978 professional training courses have been offered in all specialised areas of Chinese Medicine: training in pharmacotherapy and acupuncture for qualified practitioners; training in dietetics (nutritional therapy), tuina, qigong and taiji for all parties interested in Chinese Medicine. All the training courses are completed with a certificate. The majority of courses take place in Munich and Hamburg.
  • The SMS sees Chinese Medicine as a qualitative enhancement of our healthcare provisions. The ability to understand connections and influences which are not foreseen by the conventional medical system helps doctors and therapists to achieve a more comprehensive picture of people and their illnesses and provides them with a wider range of precise therapeutic options.
  • When presenting Chinese Medicine, the SMS draws on original sources and is able to call upon a wealth of Sinological expertise and competence that is unique in Europe. The SMS teachers are medical specialists and therapists who have enthusiastically dedicated themselves to the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine over decades. They are also involved in scientific work and are authors of standard medical reference books. Owing to its university connections, the SMS has also been involved for many years now in scientific research into Chinese Medicine.

Offering the most suitable ...

The SMS offers outstandingly high-quality training and presents this with enthusiasm, practical emphasis and relevance to daily clinical application. In order to provide interested practitioners with appropriate training, the courses and workshops are composed in accordance with the interests of the target groups in question.

For doctors and students of medicine the Medical School offers a suitably tailored training programme which relies upon an appropriate level of prerequisite knowledge.


Accredited provider of supplementary professional training
Acupuncture - 200 sessions | approx. 24 months


Diagnostics and Physiology
Fascinating underlying principles, practical application
132-156 sessions | approx. 15 months


The main forms of therapy in TCM
240 sessions | approx. 24 months


Advanced & Special Courses
e.g. dietetics, doctrine of the channels, Shanghanlun | at least 100 sessions


Clinical Practice Seminars
at least 100 sessions | for all specialised fields

Therapists, patients and Chinese-Medicine enthusiasts will find training in the relevant subjects in our Open School programme, which includes:


Qigong – Chinese movement therapy
320 sessions | at least 24 months


Taiji – Chinese movement therapy
320 sessions | at least 24 months


Dietetics – Chinese nutritional therapy
200 sessions | approx. 24 months


Tuina – Chinese manual therapy
200 sessions | approx. 24 months


Special Seminars – Supplementary training to complement the subject-fields above.

Executive Board

The Executive Board


The executive board of the SMS is made up of specialists in the field of Chinese Medicine. Their enthusiasm and experience go into the management of a society that has now been providing training of the highest standard to medical practitioners, therapists and interested supporters for almost 40 years. It is our objective to ...

  • research, develop and apply the knowledge and traditions of Chinese Medicine
  • teach Traditional Chinese Medicine comprehensively and adhere as closely as possible to its original doctrine
  • extend its use.

The current executive members are:

  • President and Head of the Medical Training School: Dr. med. univ. Moritz Hempen, M. Sc., CPC, Munich
  • Vice-president and Head of the Open School: Dr. phil. Ute Engelhardt, Munich
  • Vice-president and Local Head of the Organisation in Hamburg: Dr. med. Anke Iptchiler, Lueneburg
  • Secretary: Dr. med. univ. Sebastian Oppitz, M. Sc., CPC, Munich
  • 2. Secretary: Dr. med. Yumiko von Hasselbach, M. Sc., CPC, Munich
  • Treasurer: Dr. med. univ. Sandra Bürklin, Bad Aibling
  • 2. Treasurer: Dr. rer. nat. Patricia Krinninger, Munich
  • Associate board member: Dr. med. Rainer Nögel, CPC, Munich
  • Associate board member: Dr. med. Josef Hummelsberger, Munich




Internationale Gesellschaft für Chinesische Medizin e. V.

Franz-Joseph-Straße 38
DE 80801 Munich (Germany)

Tel: 0049-89-2008 36 91



Internationale Gesellschaft für
Chinesische Medizin e. V.

Franz-Joseph-Str. 38

80801 München


Tel.: 089/ 20 08 36 91


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