International Chinese Medical Society (Societas Medicinae Sinesis, SMS)

ist eine internationale Fachgesellschaft mit Hauptsitz in München zur Förderung der Chinesischen Medizin. Die SMS lehrt die Chinesische Medizin in ihrer Tradition und ihrem Wissen zum Wohle der Menschen. Dabei begreift sie diese traditionelle Medizin als einzigartige Erfahrungswissenschaft über die Natur des Menschen.

Some items about the SMS:

  • Founded 1978 in Munich, Germany,
  • Founder (1978-1984): Prof. Dr. Manfred Porkert, University of Munich
  • From 1984 until 2002 president: Prof. Dr. Carl-Hermann Hempen, Munich, Germany


The directorate:

  • President: Dr. Rainer Nögel, Munich
  • Vicepresident: Dr. Ute Engelhardt, Munich, Dr. Josef Hummelsberger, Munich
  • Secretary: Dr. Klaus Hambrecht, Frankfurt; Dr. Marc Scheuermann, Stuttgart
  • Treasurer: Dr. Michael Wullinger, Rosenheim; Dr. Anke Iptchiler, Lüneburg
From left to right: Dr. med. Marc Scheuermann (Stuttgart), Dr. med. Josef Hummelsberger (Munich), Dr. phil. Ute Engelhardt (Munich), Dr. med. Rainer Nögel (Munich), Dr. med. Klaus Hambrecht (Frankfurt/Main), Dr. med. Anke Iptchiler (Lüneburg), Dr. med. Michael Wullinger (Rosenheim)


About 1200 members, mainly physicians, physiotherapists, sinologists in several countries, especially in Germany and Switzerland.


The Aims of the SMS:

The aim of our association is the advancement of science by the exploration, technical perfection, practical application and the propagation of Chinese Medicine. This requires that persons involved in medical research and teaching acquire a clearer consciousness of basic methodology, hence of the intrinsic strengths and limitations of the complementary mode of causal and analytical Western medicine on one hand, inductive and synthetic Chinese Medicine on the other.

For this reason since 1979 the SMS offers training courses in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, Dietetics, Tuina, Qigong and Taiji in Germany and Switzerland.


Since 1980 the SMS publishes a quarterly journal called Chinesische Medizin (Chinese Medicine). Chinesische Medizin is the official journal of the International Society for Chinese Medicine e.V. (SMS), the SMS Helvetica and SACAM (Swiss medical Society for Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Earacupuncture), which has appeared quarterly since 1986, published by Elsevier Verlag. We are the first German-language journal to be devoted in depth to not only acupuncture but also the other aspects of Chinese medicine, e.g. pharmacology, dietetics, movement therapies (such as Taiji and Qigong) and Chinese manual therapy (Tuina). What is more, we are the only Western journal to regularly publish selected articles taken from original Chinese medical journals and translated into Western language. The Chinesische Medizin is nowadays also cited in medical databases (Embase).
Some of the prominent members are known as authors of substantial literature on TCM.


Internationale Gesellschaft für Chinesische Medizin e. V.
Franz-Joseph-Straße 38 · 80801 München (Germany)
Tel: 0049-89-2008 36 91

Internationale Gesellschaft für
Chinesische Medizin e. V.

Franz-Joseph-Str. 38, 80801 München
Telefon 089 20 08 36 91, Fax 089 80 04 76 81
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